I'll protect you
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"It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passionate than hope, far deeper than despair. Love - Akemi Homura

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"Isn’t it the duty of the police to protect the citizens?"



A smile as warm as sunshine & a pale yellow voice.

I just want these kids to smile and be canon. either way i am ready to be crushed. also their song is beautiful


I won’t rely on anyone anymore.

a heart’s a heavy burden.
24,175 再生
Track Name: 死んだように
Artist: Galileo Galilei


死んだように  (In Order To Die)

The night is looming,  Trying to become freezing
You have to throw yourself in order to fall,  I said while looking at myself
"Are you becoming fed up?"
"I threw my feelings to a distant place,
I lost myself somewhere”
Ah, but where was that? What was that? Tell me!
"I don’t know! Right now, as usual, I’m just tired."

To lose something is just what you’re afraid of
In that case, I won’t give anything to you
"You’re like someone I don’t even know"
"I can’t even see your facial expression
In the shadows of the cold night”
Ah, I’m right here. Come closer, touch me.
Close your eyes, and just finally go to sleep.



i won’t tell you that my voice is your favorite sound.

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