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"It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passionate than hope, far deeper than despair. Love - Akemi Homura

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Drew Haruka from Free! for my old friend Evy :) Haven’t drawn outside of work in a while, it was fun! I think it was my excuse to draw half naked men… and ahem practice muscles/hands… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I was too lazy to fill the bg so Rin and Gou and Makoto are in there as well, lol.





This is the most accurate portrayal of blind box collecting ever.

FACT. These blind boxes have been debunked. :3 a fur friend had shared with me his technique.

If you’re planning on collecting anything, check the package’s bar code. It’ll always be different of its a different model/figure. If its the same, it’s a duplicate.

This only works on hand, obviously. Buying online is as blind as you can get. Also if its anything not plastic it could break in the mail. D:


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