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"It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passionate than hope, far deeper than despair. Love - Akemi Homura

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Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.





Here it is! The Free! print I will be selling at ALA. :V 

Special shout out to Ari for coming up with this AU! We were chatting it up on Skype and I was freaking out about not having enough prints but she was a lifesaver with her crazy ideas and gosh I couldn’t do it without her. Thank you!!!!

Only one problem: Where’s Rei?

I get this question all of the time and all I ask is that you please look more closely.


Now let’s go home. Together.



obligatory commemorative sketches


"Please don’t worry, Tomoya."



just a bunch of koyomi araragi expression - part2



Shinji having fun at the local park

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